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A witch with Chinese heritage who can see fairies, has a cool job reviewing musicians, lives with a hot guy and can cast some serious spells with stuff you keep around the house. Memphis rocks. What I liked about this book:. From the first page, Memphis becomes someone you want to know in real life.

In other words, not all sunshine and moonbeams. The girl has some attitude and being a cranky type individual myself, I can appreciate that. What I Didn't Like:. Not A thing. Well, there were no zombies, but the fairies and witches rocked! This is a great summer read that I enjoyed very much. The voice of the book grabbed me on the first page and it was a page turner from then on.

The fairies, magic and spells with regular household items was right up my alley! I will be looking for more books in this series and was very excited with Olivia was able to answer a few questions for the blog tour! Do you ever watch zombie movies? What is your favorite? Not a comfortable feeling, and rather ridiculous at my age. But that said, one of my favorite movies—and this is on my Facebook page! The dialog is just so smart and funny, as are the situations. I try to work the term "double tap" into a conversation at least once a week.

If you were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, what would you most want to have with you? I'm going to have to go with a lifetime's supply of calcium and disposal contact lenses in my extra-strength prescription along with saline solution.

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Otherwise, I'm zombie meat because I'll break a bone or be unable to see as I run away shrieking. Have you watched The Walking Dead? What do you think of it? As soon as they ate the horse in the first episode, I knew I wouldn't be able to take it. Too stressful for this wimp see answer to Question 1. What is your favorite zombie book? I'm sure I read one as a teen because I read a couple of horror series, and the names escape me now no, not Goosebumps—I was too old for that.

Hollowland by Amanda Hocking is on my Kindle, waiting to be read. I know The Passage by Justin Cronin is considered a post-apocalyptic vampire book in general, but I thought the creatures in that were more like zombies in their creepitude and lack of sexual chemistry. All writers have quirks. What is your weirdest one? The pen is also good for stabbing zombies on the way to the bathroom in the dark.

No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Horror Writers Association Horror reviews, interviews and guest appearances. Find me on Storyfinds. Goddess Fish Tour Host. Follow me on Twitter Powered By Vistaprint. Get the first issue Dec 1, Follow by Email. A small press published my first book, but I had to do all the promotion — and much of the editing and design — myself. Was the self-publishing process easier or more difficult than you thought it would be?

Smashwords has a great Style Guide that I read over several times. And the Kindle Boards and Kindle Direct Publishing community forums are an excellent way to get questions answered. What would you say is the biggest misconception about writing a book? Granted, some writers have a certain something they were born with — a talent for putting words together that cannot be taught — but I do believe if you put in the hours writing and reading the kinds of stories you love, your writing will improve.

What was your favorite aspect of the writing process for this book? Those ah-ha moments when a scene would make me laugh or get teary or angry, which means the writing is working. I really like editing, too. A lot of those ah-ha moments come during the editing. What advice would you give to writers regarding promotion? I have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a website with a blog.

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My next step is to research book bloggers, review sites, etc. Occasionally, I write book reviews for Clarion Review , so I might check that out. I advise writers promoting their books to ask all of their friends to buy the book or at least borrow it from the library and read it. Generate interest and buzz, because potential readers do scan those reviews and star ratings seriously. Get the word out!

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Or even try your local library — they usually have community rooms where you could do a reading. Talk to your local newspaper or neighborhood publication about running a story and excerpt of your book. If you really have the time and energy, set up a mini-book tour, calling bookstores or cafes in the places where friends will allow you to couch surf. You can do the same with local TV talk shows. Your friends should buy it.

No freebies for friends! How has life changed for you since the publication of your book? Really, not much.

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I still have to pick up the kids from school, attend PTA meetings, do my work. Do you find yourself obsessively checking sales stats? So, of course I am! Do you plan on writing another book? I have many options, many crummy, partial first drafts that need my attention. One is a sequel about Memphis. Another is a YA prequel about Memphis. And another is a collection of my short stories.

Meet Olivia Boler

Perhaps I should take a reader poll to figure out what to work on next, because I really have no idea at the moment. My favorite last question: Oprah once famously said that there is no such thing as luck, without preparation and a moment of opportunity. Would you agree or disagree with regard to your own success as a writer? Ah, Oprah. He believed luck had played a part in his career success. In the case of my latest book, I made the opportunity happen. Check it out. Thank you!

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