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But a big change to the way Psykers work is Malefic Daemonlogy, where several of the Powers in the Discipline allow you to Summon a new Power type units from the Chaos Daemons book, and Chaos Daemons are strong. But, the main point of Malefic is that you gain extra units per turn for free, so now every Psyker in the game has the potential to be a Tervigon. However, Malefic has downsides for Psykers that don't have the Daemon special rule, namely being an increased chance of getting Perils of the Warp, and Perils doesn't just do 'a Wound, no save' anymore, it has the potential to simply remove your Psyker from the board, and lose Powers.

The other four results on the Perils table deal Wounds, which you just negate using your Ghosthelm. Telepathy, Malefic and Divination are the three best Psychic Disciplines in the game pretty much in that order, too. Eldar get both TP and Div, and don't suffer as badly as other armies when they roll on Malefic.

So, yeah. Farseers are really, really good in 7th. However, 7th Ed. Unless you're in a meta where everyone is playing with at least two Knights in every army, Eldar do just fine. Keep doing what you're doing. So the rules for the voidweaver the gunboat variant of the starweaver transport kit have been leaked. Its a 2HP AV 10 all around open topped fast skimmer. No surprises there. Forward haywire cannon, shuriken cannon and rear shuriken cannon that can only be fired in the rear arc.

You can upgrade the haywire cannon into a prismatic cannon that is the same as a Fire Prism cannon but with -2 S and -1 AP. They can be take in squadrons up to 3 and are HS. They are more expensive then a warwalker with two weapon upgrades.

Much more than documents.

So while it might not be worse then a vyper, it is not better either. I don't think they are going to be used especially since the jetbikes can take haywire cannons as well if you want haywire that bad in your list.

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It seems uninspired. Hoping the starweaver is better. INteresting that their holofields give invulnerable saves instead of cover saves.

Harlequin - Starweaver

Regarding the starweaver: I think it is a bit overcosted, but not by much, maybe 10 points. Which might be a problem as I recall the new harlies also don't have grenades. Other then that it could work as a Harlie delivery system. I think it is a bit overcosted, but not by much, maybe 10 points. Starweavers are costed exactly correctly, when compared to Venoms, which they obviously are trying to be.

Except better because What are you talking about? Troupe plus Shadowseer equals exactly six models. Codex: Harlequins Troupes have Grenades. Codex: Eldar Harlequins have to bring a Shadowseer for access to Grenades. Which, makes Harlequin Harlequins even more better than regular Harlequins for less points. I thought Venoms with two splinter cannons were 5 points cheaper then a unupgraded Starweaver.

Don't have the DE book so can't be sure though. Anyway I think the point cost of the Starweaver is slightly too high, but not so high you would not take them. I was wrong, I thought the minimum troupe size was 6; 5 Harlies and a Troupe master. Thanks for the correction. Good to know. So that's where Slaanesh came from!

It has been the lore from the start that Slaanesh were created by the Eldar screwing around to much in unnatural ways. Assuming a point list, how many points is too many for a single unit? It gets expensive baseline, but then you have to figure out how to move it across the board. You just corrected yourself and immediately backslid. A Troupe is 4 Harlequins and a Troupe Master. No such thing.

White Dwarf - Issue 55 - Games Workshop

Anyone who says otherwise needs to go back to 4th Ed. What actually matters is whether or not the unit works. If a unit does what you wanted it to do, then you paid the right amount of points. All one unit. Except it's not even done. You need at least one more IC in the unit with T5 to prevent the unit from dropping to T4 because of the Cyberwolves.

Games Workshop (Page 6) - WarGameStore

Despite what it looks like on paper, the unit is actually 23 24 models strong and huge. I'd argue it's entirely dependant on how easily it can be countered or stopped from doing what you want it to.

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For me, back in 6th, my Jet Council was pretty strong, but due to the low number of attacks the warlocks had they were susceptible to being tarpitted. This unit however, seems to be able to chew up anything that comes at it and spit it out. Hm, makes sense. I'm just always wary of paying too much for something that may not even do anything.

Other interesting but logical FAQ?

Immobilized vehicles can't jink. Which makes sense, but needed RAW for people to stop doing it. Just using an example to illustrate my point. Though, at the time when I was still playing I was helping run a gaming group for younger players. I tended to leave a few holes in my army strategy to see if they could pick up weaknesses, without out-right telling them hard counters.

Gotta make those whippersnappers use their grey matter. I have a couple iterations of the Orikanstar, I'd really love some feedback on them so I can try one of em out at my next game night! Royal Court grants Move Through Cover, so you only have to worry about Mishaps on models, impassable, or table edge.

Run the turn you Deep Strike, then hopefully get a charge turn 2. If not, 3. Same as above, but a slightly different baseline. He's a bit tougher, but has a lower WS than the Overlord. But, he brings Preferred Enemy for everyone in the squad, which boosts their damage output a bit. Higher price point, but hey you get a flyer with it. Unlike the last two, this one is more using the Characters to support the Lychguard than vice versa.

Unlike the other two, it doesn't come in turn 1, but will have a more secure landing, and can semi-Invis upon landing for a relatively safe pre-Charge turn. They also can't charge until Turn 3 at the earliest, assuming they come in turn 2. The most killy squad I could think of.

Therein lies the rub. Even at the smallest, it's 1 model larger than the first two. And once you add more Lychguard because come on, more Warscythes , that footprint gets bigger and bigger. Deep striking 14 models is significantly different than deep striking 8. Are jugger lords in your meta? That seems to be the main thing that might cause problems More reasonably, thunder wolf seems like it would chew through this squad Though honestly, it does seem like they could go toe to toe with a knight My meta is mostly shooty except for Nids. I was kind of it when I was running Daemon Princes and Seekerstar.

Played a game against orks today after a lad around mid 20's at least came in and proudly declared he had points of stuff and was unbeaten in his return to 40k so far. Rolled Terrify and Mental Fortitude Shriek for powers on the sorc, along with 1 each of tzeentch's trash powers. I got pinning for warlord which he proceeded to pass all 3 tests!

I terrified the crew off the smasha gun and shrieked half his closest boys squad away, then landed a Tzeentch's Firestorm on the same group. The other pair of firestorms didn't go off due to a glut of 1's and 2's on the manifest dice. My shooting failed big time, with all hits and not a single wound. Rinse and repeat next turn except I peril 3 times, netting a 6 and 2x 5's.