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If someone else paid for it but it was a gift, for example a Christmas or birthday present, you may have a right to it. Sometimes if you attach something permanently to the property you will lose ownership of it. Examples of this may include shelves, air conditioning systems or toilets. Ask a lawyer if you are not sure if you own an item of property.

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Once you have made a list, it might be worth talking to a youth worker to get some advice about the things you have decided to include or not include in your list. You can try to get your things back yourself but you should know that the following things are against the law:.

take somebody’s ˈplace

Try talking to whoever has your stuff calmly about the things that you want. It might help to have a trusted adult to support you during this talk. See if they will agree on a time to go to collect your belongings or if they will drop it somewhere safe for you to pick up. If it is not possible to get your things back yourself or to talk to the person without the risk of getting into trouble or because there is a risk to your safety, you still have options.

If you think that someone is holding your property without your permission you can contact the police. If the police think someone is breaking the law they may get your stuff and charge the person. When the police are trying to decide if someone has your stuff illegally, they may want some proof to show that you own the property like receipts or bank records. You can also tell them how, when and where you got the thing to help the police understand it is yours. If the police think they do not have enough evidence to charge the person, you can still ask the police to come with you to get your things.

You can go to court to get a judge to make an Order to the person to return your property but it is best to get legal advice first before going to court. I know there's nothing to say Someone has taken my place When times go bad when times go rough Won't you lay me down in the tall grass And let me do my stuff? I know I got nothing on you I know there's nothing to do When times go bad You can't get enough Won't you lay me down in the tall grass and let me do my stuff?

Do it.

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I can also understand the drive behind great detective work. Well done! See all 3 customer reviews. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. My husband and I couldn't put the book down! Very well written. So sad this is happening all over.

Makes you really think. A lot of lives were affected in many ways because of one con artist! Thank heavens for "Andy's" tenacity and caring! Definitively recommend this book! One person found this helpful.

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It kept me spellbound Job well done Andy! This book provides an inside look into an real investigation: the failures, dead ends, and, ultimately, the success that can result from the passion of a determined investigator. It's not always pretty or straightforward, but Snow gives the reader real insight into the process, with all the raw exhilaration and frustration intact.

I thought this book was a great account of life in the SIU world. Excellent job in portraying the work on an investigator and the need to have strong relationships.

This book provides a strong insight into why fraud fighting is so important and how persistence and determination of the fraud fighters can pay off, even in other underlying arenas like identity theft. Awesome book! Go to Amazon. Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us.

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