Moral Dilemmas: An Introduction to Christian Ethics

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Based on a work at www. Clarify the key ethical issues. Identify rules and principles relevant for the case. Consult the important sources of guidance — especially the Bible, with sensitivity to the best way of reading the Bible to address this situation.

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But also consult other relevant sources. Ask for help from others in your community who know you and the situation. This will help you avoid self-deception and paying too much attention to your particular biases. Ochonu M. Ahmed C. J East Afr Stud ; Nazir-Ali M. Multiculturalism is to Blame for Perverting Young Muslims.

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Moral Choices: An Introduction to Ethics

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London: Longmans; Evaluating the quality of informed consent and contemporary clinical practices by medical doctors in South Africa: An empirical study. Metz T, Gaie JB. J Moral Educ ; Global medicine: Regulation of biomedical research in Africa. Br Med J ; Arab Health Magazine, Issue 3, August, However, the problem with this view is that the Bible is actually more than just sixty-six books of rules.

While it includes specific instructions and commandments, it also contains prophetic writings, songs, and wisdom literature.

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Strict adherence to this view will soon run into trouble when it comes to finding eternal laws for nuclear warfare, assisted reproduction, and capital punishment. Ethical problems are changing. What matters is that our sense of ethics is attuned to a view of Scripture that is adequate to speak to every area of life. He argues that using just one method of applying Scripture is inadequate.

We should interpret narratives as narratives, poetry as poetry, and epistles as epistles. He then says that we should try as best we can to situate ourselves in the historical-cultural context of the original hearers. We should seek to understand the authorial intent as much as we can before drawing conclusions or application.

Fedler then argues that we should not lift a Bible verse out of its literary, historical, and cultural context in any circumstance, and then make application in our moral decision-making.

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Scripture must be treated with reverence for what they actually are. This is why we must be faithful to understanding the laws, principles, and virtues found within Scripture before making application to contemporary context. Scripture is the ultimate source of authority for the Christian in moral decision-making.

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We must guard against emotional and utilitarian justification of moral events. The Bible reveals to us the heart of God for His image-bearers and His redemptive purposes for the entire creation. We should see Scripture as being inspired and powerful 2 Tim , convicting and discerning Hebrews , and as a positive guide in life and practice Ps. This is why knowing how Christian ethics applies to the life of a believer should be emphasized in the local church.

God has not left us without guidance for the moral dilemmas we find ourselves in today 2 Pet. With careful attention to reading Scripture, we should have confidence in the Gospel to provide guidance for the ethical problems of our day. Republic d. Email Address. Scripture and Decision-Making Posted By Zach Maloney on Oct 12, In a world filled with test-tube babies, drones, and physician-assisted suicide, Christian ethics can become unpredictable, with positions turning irrelevant as soon as they are broadcasted.