Lets Build a Boat Together and Go For a Sail in Europe

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Boat ownership is a TON of work. Some kidding aside, boat ownership is a fantastic adventure.

How to Build a Boat

Owning a boat requires a commitment to take care of the vessel that will be taking care of you. If this commitment is making you a little anxious about owning, chartering can be a cheaper and much simpler option to get yourself aboard, allowing you to indulge in all the fun and almost zero of the work, for a week to a few weeks or whatever you can afford per year.

From the beginning our goal was to live aboard, travel slowly, and immerse ourselves in different cultures. While there are numerous ways to go sailing without owning a boat, it is difficult to live on a boat full-time without owning it. For us, sailing has almost always been a secondary goal.

After all of this, our answer to the question above was still yes.

At least we will be in exotic places! Coincidentally, the day after I saw your purchase video, I was looking through the local sailing rag and saw a tartan 37 in their classifieds. Hi Peter, there was a broker involved in our purchase, but he was the listing broker and did not work for us. That said, he pretty much handled everything. We relayed all our purchase requirements to him over the phone price, contingencies, etc and he put it into a legal contract. I believe he used a standardized form that organized it all, but it was pretty straight forward. Just seems like a tough nut to crack every year… So saying that do you feel the same way or is it just all part of doing business?

Hi Ken, unfortunately there is not really a good answer to your question. Sailing is expensive. There is really no way around that. All of those sayings are true… That said, the best thing you can do is try to learn as much as you can, and be hands on. The more you can do yourself the more you will save. From timeshare type experiences, through airbnb type rentals, and clubs that give you access to a range of boats for a monthly fee.

Another possibility is to crew on a vacation. I answered a listing on oceancrewlink. Hello, it is mentioned that you stayed away from big production boats and went with semi custom builders.

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Could you elaborate why? Because production boats are are built in volume, they need to cater to a large audience, typically this consists of buyers who use their boats occasionally — taking day sails on the weekends, maybe racing in the Wednesday night beer can races and a week long trip or two each year. Our hearts fluttered when we first spotted our Tartan. If you are not a hands on kind of person get the best you can afford and go sailing. Being a hands on guy and experienced Craftsman, but poor I bought a solid Hull and am doing a complete overhaul myself.

The Experience

Then again I already have the necessary tools for both wood and metal work and I own a forest of premium hard wood to mill my interior finish work. Been on the project for 14 months and should finish by the end of October.

6. How to buy a Boat in Turkey - Part 2 The Process - Buying a sailing Boat in Europe

Perfect sailing time in Texas. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How to Buy the Right Sailboat for You With so many different boats out there, how do you find the right one? Boat Buying Dashboard. How do You Plan to Use the Boat?

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Our Plan Our sailing plans hatched like many others, as a dream to cruise to faraway lands. Our Plan Find the perfect catamaran anywhere in the world, quit our jobs, sell everything and go!

10 Top innovations in the history of sailing

View our Boat Buying Playlist. About the Author: Kirk. Related Posts.

August 30th, 2 Comments. August 23rd, 2 Comments. August 16th, 0 Comments. Heading North to the Whitsundays for the next six months. The best six months of my life. I was invited to stay after six mths as they were heading to the Greek Isles, woohoo, except my dear Gran passed away n I needed to return home to NSW immediately.

Pls feel free to contact me sometime as I would love to share stories. I wish u both all the best n just go where the wind takes u guys. Blessings to u both. Great videos love watching them. We are also taking time out to sail the Mediterranean and live aboard. It is not that hard to do. The hardest thing is to stop dreaming and make the decision to go for it. We work hard setting up our own business, employ other people, have a huge mortgage, negative equity and have a 12 year old daughter still in school.

Decided to put all on hold and take daughter out and home school and go for it. Stop being controlled by what you think society expects you to do and live your life free……….. Good sailing, Jay! Maybe we will cross this summer somewhere in Croatia…! Full respect for such decision!

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You mentioned you bought yours from some italians, so was that in italy? How did you get the boat to the caribbean? Sailed all the way there across the ocean!?! Riley and Elayna — Its Nice to see free spirits following their dreams and using their talents. What The Both of you are doing take s a Lot of courage and Hard work.

You have given me courage to follow my dreams of traveling.

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I am very impressed By the Both of you. Keep being a example for people who need to wake up and remember their dreams. Hello All. There will always be people who find it hard to see what other people are trying to do and cant understand, why or how people can do what they do.