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Actually, no one has mentioned anything about being annoyed. What did drive members from a different forum, however, was the SPAM. That was actually a big reason we started ours! Good call Krebs! So, basically a digital shibboleth. Or would that be shibboleet? A friend who lives in France says a similar thing happens in French online chatrooms to discover who is a long time foreigner pretending to be French which is quite common. Apparently they slip into the first few conversations some obscure object and use an incorrect pronoun le la les masculine , feminine and watch for the reaction.

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Russian culture and language is deeply rooted in rich Russian literature which becomes flat when translated out of Russian. The simple order of words in a sentence in Russian is very different than other languages.

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The Russian classsics, like Puskin, Devstoyevsky, etc. English because the reader in Russian sees what their imagination bears from the writing. A native English speaker will always be confused because we are trained for literal interpretation. Many Russian words also have ambiguity in connotations. A hand, rootschke phonetic is the same as the foot.

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A westerner will decide it was the practical choice between hand and foot. The Russian will choose either the most humorous connotation or the one that is most detrimental to the protagonist in the story. I find this a very interesting concept. The number of combinations is infinite. Powered by WordPress.

Privacy Policy. Subscribe to RSS. Follow me on Twitter. Join me on Facebook. Krebs on Security In-depth security news and investigation. Wladimir Palant. September 19, at am. September 26, at pm.

German-English translation for "Krebs"

September 19, at pm. Neej, good point. Paul Dittrich. Even the most fluent English-speaking Germans got tripped up this way. Oh wait…. X lost his fight against cancer last Saturday. Comment Why not just "He died of cancer. Comment I think "he died" sounds a bit hard, just a feeling. Comment QY No, not really. Comment 3 - there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying "he died" - how on earth else are you meant to express it?!

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Comment Well, actually it IS hard. You mean "too" right? He passed away last Saturday after a year-long battle with cancer? He passed away last Saturday after having battled cancer for over a year? It seems so - if I only could get the difference when to use "too" and when to use "either" Not the expression is hard, but the fact that he died of cancer.

Comment You could use "died", but it is quite a bald statement on its own. It would work in a sentence which is generally kinder-sounding, e. Of course it is correct, but I think most of us don't like to take this word after the death of a person they liked.

Was ich meine, ist, dass hier doch nicht das "sterben" zu taktlos ist, sondern das "an Krebs". Comment It is not the job of a translator to alter the text. If it says "Er starb an Krebs" then it is translated as "He died of cancer". Anything else is completely wrong. The translator does not have to form "nice" sentences. Comment There doesn't seem to be a definite German sentence, though, Mike - and while we should not alter texts, we should consider possible cultural differences and use the kind of language that fits the occasion in the target text.

Comment 11 - I wrote entry 5 without cross-referencing the names and assumed 3 was simply someone dropping by and adding an unhelpful comment for the original poster. Otherwise I might have phrased my reply in 5 a bit more carefully. I am sorry for your loss, but the fact is, it is not hard to say "he died" in my opinion - not any more than "ist gestorben" anyway - and it is quite normal, esp in sentences like those suggested in.

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German Edition. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Krebs - und dann? German Edition book.