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This will prevent uncovered technical debts, system crashes and expensive fixes. Utilize smoke testing. Run an agile beta test. Regression testing is a crucial step. Software development life cycle sdlc includes the following steps:.

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But usually, if the main goal is to get a high-quality software and minimize the cost of bug-fixing, we can apply tests during the requirements analysis phase. The earlier you start the tests, the better results you get. Ensure maximum test coverage. You can break this User information screen into smaller parts for writing test cases: Parts like UI testing, security testing, functional testing of the User information form etc.

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Apply all form field type and size tests, negative and validation tests on input fields and write all such test cases for maximum coverage. Do you need to test your API? You have to make sure that it is bug-free before shipping. Find difficult bugs by experimenting with unusual behaviors. Web services apps can be tested in isolated components. These provide an opportunity for testers to test the web application in isolated components rather than a full blown integrated web application.

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If a test case can be specified in a rule — that MUST be automated. A product requirement is expressed as a failing test to start with. The approach of BDD throws this context to other boundary, specify tests in the form of expected behavior. So, automated tests are based on specification that is a human language but expressed in business terms mainly and with a fixed format Given-when-then. After all, users are real people, so why not test with real people, too?

Usability can be a serious roadblock to adoption, and testing a feature for acceptance is a critical aspect of QA. Recognize that automation can have errors. An error filled automation script may be misinterpreted as failed functionality in your tested application, or even worse your automation script will interpret an error as a correct functionality. Manually testing your core, critical-path functionality ensures that your test case is passing from a user perspective, with no room for misinterpretation. Each function added to a model is a target for tests. This is what BDD preaches and it is the process on which I rely for creating tests.

Unit test every time you need to minimize risk. Unit testing is best utilised to smooth out the rougher edges of software development and is relatively cheap to perform when compared with, for example, the cost of delivering a broken build for user acceptance testing. Unit tests will help to identify problems during the early stages of the development cycle, before they reach the customer and the testing team. Each completed unit test brings you closer to a more robust and reliable system.

After functional testing, conduct integration testing.

An automated vulnerability scanner can be helpful for streamlining security testing. These work by routing the HTTP traffic to and from an application through a proxy, and then resending the requests with various attack attempts replacing the original values. This can be an effective way of finding certain classes of vulnerability in a short amount of time, but it is important to understand and make sure that your stakeholders understand that this is not a magic bullet. The tool is naive, and has no knowledge of the applications business logic — it is simply replaying requests and checking the responses.

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There are many types of vulnerability that can not and will not be found with this strategy, and use of a scanning tool absolutely does not replace the need for manual security testing. You need to know enough about security vulnerabilities to be able to evaluate each finding of the automated tool. Taking a scanner report and sending it unverified to the developers is the worst possible thing one could do.

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If you have a stand-alone mobile app or a mobile app that complements a desktop app, consider how different connections will impact performance. It sits in one area and stay there, more or less, for the life of its use. Connected by wire, the connection is stable and usually fast. A mobile device is, well, mobile. The user is constantly moving from place to place, and from one coverage area to another.

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Or in this case, you plan to be inefficient. While creating test plan you need follow an organized approach to make it good test plan. The good test plan must cover Scope of testing, test objectives, budget limitations, deadlines, test execution schedule, risks identifications and more.

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Snoop on your competition to discover common mistakes. Such reports are kept by the regulators and can typically be accessed in their archives. Past regulatory reports are a priceless treasure trove of information on what typically goes wrong, especially because of the huge financial and reputation impact of incidents that are escalated to such a level.

Users today are quite vocal when they encounter problems, and a quick search for competing products on Facebook or Twitter might uncover quite a few interesting testing ideas. If your competitors have a publicly available bug tracking system or a discussion forum for customers, sign up and monitor it.

Look for categories of problems that people typically inquire about and try to translate them to your product, to get more testing ideas. Instead of writing a multitude of test cases, focus on writing better ones. But rather than have a lot of half-baked test cases, you should write fewer, but more effective ones. Focus on high-priority bugs. These bugs have greater impact on the system and usually, it takes up more time in terms of testing.

Mainly due to the complexity of the bug or perhaps the level of significance of it to the end-users. Conducting user testing? There are several formats of yoga in the market, especially in the western world. Hence, it is important to note that many Ashtanga Yoga practitioners believe that theirs is the most authentic form of yoga ever. Which users from this large community should we consider for user testing of this particular yoga app?

Who do we recruit? How do we recruit? On what basis? These users may not be the best possible sample given diversity factors like geographies, culture, age group, profession, tech-savvy-ness and so forth. It is always good to know who are the users and what are their key characteristics. Without this information, we might just react like horses with blinkers on.

These people may or may not be the users we are looking for. Few of them may not even know how to use a mobile app. Some might be extremely tech-savvy and represent a fairly good sample. Recruiting users depends on asking the right questions depending on the context of the product. Do you need independent testing staff? The answer depends on the size and context of the project, the risks, the development methodology, the skill and experience of the developers, and other factors.

For instance, if the project is a short-term, small, low-risk project, with highly experienced programmers utilizing thorough unit testing or test-first development, then test engineers may not be required for the project to succeed. In these circumstances, it may be appropriate to instead use contractors or outsourcing, or adjust the project management and development approach by switching to more senior developers and test-first development, for example. Inexperienced managers sometimes gamble on the success of a project by skipping thorough testing or having programmers do post-development functional testing of their own work, a decidedly high-risk gamble.

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  • It allows for both a deeper and stronger skills and b the contribution of differing perspectives. A technical person who can be highly effective in approaching tasks from both of those perspectives is rare, which is why, sooner or later, organizations bring in test specialists. Automated testing can save both time and money. With automated testing, every possible input and usage combination is tested out in every possible combination, multiple times, and in multiple environments operating systems, operating system versions, and computer hardware.

    By taking the extra time to automate testing in this manner, developers and testers alike can be assured that any bugs found will allow for solutions that make the software compatible for all end users, regardless of what type of computer and operating system they use. Prioritize automation based on the tests that will need to be run most often. Some common candidates for automation are:. You should also look at tests with repeatable execution as candidates for automation. In fact, not everything is automatable. When planning what test cases to automate here are some things to look for:.

    However, every situation is different. Divide and conquer. When I ask them why do they work this way they explain to me that they started with small documents that grew over time…. By breaking down their very long and complex testing procedures into smaller and more modular test cases, they can gain flexibility and achieve faster and more accurate coverage. If you look into any testing tasks and break it down into smaller testing tasks then you will be able to manage your team more efficiently and provide better visibility to your internal customers.